Four Hour Breakfast


Four-hour bacon and eggs


No, it didn’t take four hours to make or to eat.

Backstory: Tuesday night at work (I work nights) was Waffle Party. We made waffles and lavished them with butter, syrup, fruit, and whipped cream. It was delicious, and it felt awful.

I have been listening to several podcasts for several years, and I recently heard about {via Joe Rogan, and Jay Mohr,} a man named Timothy Ferriss. His interviews inspired me to read his book,The 4-Hour Body which inspired me further.

I had already been inspired by the numerous fit people that I work with. Some were always fit, some have fought their way back from being much more unfit than I am. Some have had bariatric surgery, some run marathons. Some eat garbage, some eat Paleo. Some live on fried food. Positive peer pressure had me walking in the stairwells at work during downtime, eating a little better, and contemplating trying Crossfit. Because of a fit Marine I know, I have already committed publicly to running the Warrior Dash on October 5.

So I weigh 200 to 206 lbs, depending on when I weigh myself. A year ago I weighed 218. I’m 47 years old. I have no blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid or other issues -I’m just obese. I’m 5’8″ and my BMI is 31. My waist is 42″ and my hips are 47 with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.89. I have slightly improved my fitness and eating habits, but with only six months to go, I need to do more. I turn 48 in August, and I will not be this big then. At least now the walk from my car to my work area doesn’t leave me breathless like it did six months ago.

Twelve years ago, when I quit smoking in February 2001, I was taking ephedra and went from 165 to 129 – and I was a bitchy skeleton that couldn’t sleep more than four hours at a stretch. But people asked me if I was a model. I quit taking diet pills and gradually gained up to 150 by 2004 and looked really good- not too thin, but I was soft and fluffy rather than fit. I was “skinny-fat.” 150 pounds is my target weight- although if I do manage to gain muscle, I won’t worry about the number as long as I’m a size 9 to 11, which based on my pelvic size, was a good fit and a happy size. I do have wide hips, and I really don’t care about that. I always had a big round generous butt, so I’m happy with that too. But my ass now looks like a sack of wet clothes, as I once heard Tracy Morgan say. I think my body image is very realistic- I just really need to not be the size I am now, and this current level of fitness is just not acceptable. I am shocked every time I catch my full-length reflection, especially from the waist down- those just cannot be my thighs. I am a size 16W, but my waist is really a size 18W as it bulges over the top of my jeans. I really have had enough.

So the day after Waffle Fest, I got up and made the protein breakfast shown here, two eggs and three slices of bacon. I had that with coffee, and I felt fantastic for hours. Not hungry, plenty of energy, and virtuous because I didn’t have bread or french fries or any of that crap. Onward and upward.


Roast pork, roast cauliflower and green beans

Roast pork, roast cauliflower and green beans

Following Tim’s Four Hour Body is having wonderful effects. I don’t miss carbs so much, because I can eat things on cheat day that I don’t eat on other days. I had pizza and a candy bar two days ago, but with enough exercise, and moderation at other meals to offset that cheating, I’m still losing. On 5/1 I weighed 200.4, a slight uptick from the previous week’s 198, because I wasn’t drinking enough water. And I think consuming too much fat overall, and not walking enough.
So I changed breakfast-16 oz ice water on waking, followed by 16 oz more water with two scoops Muscle Milk for 30 G protein.
On 5/6, after a fairly bad two-day cheat, I weighed 197. That includes burgers, fries and biscuits, my friends.

On 5/7, I celebrated with one-quarter of a 16″ hand-tossed deluxe meat pizza, and a Hershey bar, in addition to a non-cheat meal the same day. I also ate a cup of lima beans with the pizza, to feel more full. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer, at a fairly moderate pace, pausing when I need to catch my breath.

On 5/8, back on track with more ice water, muscle milk, and a reasonable breakfast of peas, green beans and bacon-yes I know that sounds weird but it was good. Ten I weighed at work….
194.26. I’ve lost 4″ off my waist, and I can see many places that are thinner.

It’s working, it’s fun and easy, and I’m so happy!!


Chicken, broccoli, field peas

Chicken, broccoli, field peas

Monday night supper. Chicken from Kroger, pre-seasoned (Sazon seasoning, I think the package said) leg quarters, baked in the oven for an hour, with a side of steamed broccoli and field peas with snaps. Dark meat isn’t my favorite, and I ended up giving almost half to the ol’ man. If you haven’t tried Glory brand canned vegetables, you should. If they aren’t available in your area, I pity you.

No carbs, no dessert, and I didn’t care. Water to drink. Didn’t care. My appetite isn’t what it was, and I think it’s because of not eating carbs. I didn’t understand carb cravings, and didn’t know I had them until I stopped having them. I thought every meal had to have bread, noodles, rice, potatoes etc. We don’t have to eat that stuff. I was sure I’d be miserable if I didn’t eat that stuff, and I’m not. If I still feel like eating more, I go back for more vegs. I went back for more broccoli, and if I had eaten all the chicken, I probably wouldn’t have needed it. I don’t feel the need to eat constantly, and when I do think about it, I realize I’m not really hungry. That’s such a good feeling.

I love how I started eating before I thought of taking a picture of my food. I bet that will happen a lot. I didn’t get a picture of my lunch at all. Zucchini ribbon salad with mixed lettuce greens, a tomato, sunflower kernels, a bit of feta cheese and a scant two tablespoons lowfat three-cheese ranch dressing. It was delicious, even though I don’t have whole-wheat Ritz crackers with my salads anymore. Another thing I thought I couldn’t give up, like sugar. I’m checking labels and choosing based on sugar content when I can. I’m getting small amounts of sugar in things, 2-3 grams here and there, but I’m really not missing it. Not having headaches like I hear other people report, and I was worried about that. I’m entering menopause, so I don’t need any more trouble from my body.

Not quite what you could call running

Making a conscious effort to increase my activity level isn’t easy. At my size, it doesn’t feel good to move fast. Things are moving in uncomfortable ways- mainly the areas on me that need to be smaller. But I’m doing it. The dog isn’t much of a jogger- he’s not used to staying in motion that long, so we will learn together. I started with 20 minutes-plus today- I didn’t really keep track of the time. Went down the street and back, then down the other street to the football field and ran the bleachers about 10 times- which isn’t really a big deal, it’s a small school with small bleachers- then back down that street and up to the long end of my street and back. Stopped and caught my breath and drank water a few times, but I did it.

I’m nervous about running because in 2001, the surgeon that fixed my varicose veins told me not to. I’m thinking that before I do much more, I need to go get checked and actually get cleared to train for the Warrior Dash. I can do the elliptical all I need to, and walking the stairs doesn’t cause me any leg pain, but I need to be smart and safe about it. I’m working with a very low level of impact until then.

I was afraid my feet would hurt- when I tell you I was jogging, it was the slowest jog you can do above a fast walk. I’m wearing my new shoes that are INSANELY COMFORTABLE when just walking around, but they’re running shoes, and I needed to make that first effort. My feet don’t hurt at all, nor my legs. Onward and upward.

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila from

Cheat day!

Saturday was cheat day, and I don’t think I did too much damage. I ate my four-hour body breakfast, breakfast meatza, and then for dinner had fried fish, fried chicken, a small order of french fries, coleslaw and a piece of really good homemade mandarin orange cake.

I felt like I shouldn’t work too hard at cheating, since the 4th day is kind of early in compliance to go really overboard. I do cheat a little every day too- I have Sweet’nLow in my coffee, and about a teaspoon of Salted Caramel Mocha creamer. I’m just not willing to give up that little bit of sweetener, and it’s not causing me to cheat. BUT if I find it’s holding me back, away it will go.

It turns out Sunday became a cheat day too- I went to visit College Girl for a sorority thing, and we had a luncheon with chicken and salad and loaded mashed potatoes and chocolate cake. I only had a tablespoon of the potatoes and a single bite of cake, so I definitely didn’t feel derailed.

On the way home (200 miles each way) I stopped for coffee twice, had about 3 oz fried shrimp and chocolate-caramel muscle milk bar. Later, because I was falling asleep, I stopped at Taco Bell and got a cruchwrap and Diet Mtn Dew. I considered getting a burger somewhere and not getting fries, and throwing the bun away, but I knew I wouldn’t do that. I’m powerless over french fries and I can’t put myself in that position yet.

No, the gas-station fried shrimp didn’t make me sick.

Breakfast Meatza

PaleOMG Breakfast Meatza

Bacon, egg, onion, sweet potato and sausage

It’s 0300 and time to eat again. Vanilla ice cream with blueberries, or a few more Samoas, would be good, but I’m not eating that. I’m having this delicious stuff I made earlier, from PaleOMG (

The 4-Hour Body doesn’t advise eating sweet potatoes, but I’m finishing the ones I have. Next time I’ll use cauliflower or broccoli or peppers- I love this food. I’m not really missing bread, cheese and stuff yet. I know I’ll cheat at some point but I want to make some progress first. When I’m really following the rules, I’ll only cheat on Saturday. The ol’ man says he’ll eat what I fix for him, and he really likes the looks of this dish- big surprise there.

Not my best work

For supper Friday night, I thought I’d try a new recipe. I miss cooking, and working nights I don’t cook much unless I’m off. I am not eating carbs and sugar- not much anyway. I did have two Thin Mints this morning before I went to sleep and I wish I hadn’t.

I had a pound of ground beef, and sweet potato, and black beans and peas, and onion and garlic, so I combined them and got this.

Sweet potato shepherd's pie with peas and black beans

Sweet potato shepherd’s pie with peas and black beans

I asked the ol’ man how it was, and he said, “It’s allright,” which actually means, “I can eat it but I’d rather not,” in husband-speak. It needed a little more sauciness or something, so it’s not a Pinterest-ready recipe. But it may be at some point. I also grilled some zucchini ribbons for – imagine that- Zucchini Ribbon Salad. Man I love salad- lots of crunchy things with a little fat drizzle for flavor. The ol’ man thinks salad means whitened with Ranch dressing, or orangey with Thousand Island. Big gooey glops on every bite, so we are working on that. But it’s onward and upward from here.