Breakfast Meatza

PaleOMG Breakfast Meatza

Bacon, egg, onion, sweet potato and sausage

It’s 0300 and time to eat again. Vanilla ice cream with blueberries, or a few more Samoas, would be good, but I’m not eating that. I’m having this delicious stuff I made earlier, from PaleOMG (

The 4-Hour Body doesn’t advise eating sweet potatoes, but I’m finishing the ones I have. Next time I’ll use cauliflower or broccoli or peppers- I love this food. I’m not really missing bread, cheese and stuff yet. I know I’ll cheat at some point but I want to make some progress first. When I’m really following the rules, I’ll only cheat on Saturday. The ol’ man says he’ll eat what I fix for him, and he really likes the looks of this dish- big surprise there.


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