Four Hour Breakfast

Four-hour bacon and eggs


No, it didn’t take four hours to make or to eat.

Backstory: Tuesday night at work (I work nights) was Waffle Party. We made waffles and lavished them with butter, syrup, fruit, and whipped cream. It was delicious, and it felt awful.

I have been listening to several podcasts for several years, and I recently heard about {via Joe Rogan, and Jay Mohr,} a man named Timothy Ferriss. His interviews inspired me to read his book,The 4-Hour Body which inspired me further.

I had already been inspired by the numerous fit people that I work with. Some were always fit, some have fought their way back from being much more unfit than I am. Some have had bariatric surgery, some run marathons. Some eat garbage, some eat Paleo. Some live on fried food. Positive peer pressure had me walking in the stairwells at work during downtime, eating a little better, and contemplating trying Crossfit. Because of a fit Marine I know, I have already committed publicly to running the Warrior Dash on October 5.

So I weigh 200 to 206 lbs, depending on when I weigh myself. A year ago I weighed 218. I’m 47 years old. I have no blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid or other issues -I’m just obese. I’m 5’8″ and my BMI is 31. My waist is 42″ and my hips are 47 with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.89. I have slightly improved my fitness and eating habits, but with only six months to go, I need to do more. I turn 48 in August, and I will not be this big then. At least now the walk from my car to my work area doesn’t leave me breathless like it did six months ago.

Twelve years ago, when I quit smoking in February 2001, I was taking ephedra and went from 165 to 129 – and I was a bitchy skeleton that couldn’t sleep more than four hours at a stretch. But people asked me if I was a model. I quit taking diet pills and gradually gained up to 150 by 2004 and looked really good- not too thin, but I was soft and fluffy rather than fit. I was “skinny-fat.” 150 pounds is my target weight- although if I do manage to gain muscle, I won’t worry about the number as long as I’m a size 9 to 11, which based on my pelvic size, was a good fit and a happy size. I do have wide hips, and I really don’t care about that. I always had a big round generous butt, so I’m happy with that too. But my ass now looks like a sack of wet clothes, as I once heard Tracy Morgan say. I think my body image is very realistic- I just really need to not be the size I am now, and this current level of fitness is just not acceptable. I am shocked every time I catch my full-length reflection, especially from the waist down- those just cannot be my thighs. I am a size 16W, but my waist is really a size 18W as it bulges over the top of my jeans. I really have had enough.

So the day after Waffle Fest, I got up and made the protein breakfast shown here, two eggs and three slices of bacon. I had that with coffee, and I felt fantastic for hours. Not hungry, plenty of energy, and virtuous because I didn’t have bread or french fries or any of that crap. Onward and upward.


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