Not my best work

For supper Friday night, I thought I’d try a new recipe. I miss cooking, and working nights I don’t cook much unless I’m off. I am not eating carbs and sugar- not much anyway. I did have two Thin Mints this morning before I went to sleep and I wish I hadn’t.

I had a pound of ground beef, and sweet potato, and black beans and peas, and onion and garlic, so I combined them and got this.

Sweet potato shepherd's pie with peas and black beans

Sweet potato shepherd’s pie with peas and black beans

I asked the ol’ man how it was, and he said, “It’s allright,” which actually means, “I can eat it but I’d rather not,” in husband-speak. It needed a little more sauciness or something, so it’s not a Pinterest-ready recipe. But it may be at some point. I also grilled some zucchini ribbons for – imagine that- Zucchini Ribbon Salad. Man I love salad- lots of crunchy things with a little fat drizzle for flavor. The ol’ man thinks salad means whitened with Ranch dressing, or orangey with Thousand Island. Big gooey glops on every bite, so we are working on that. But it’s onward and upward from here.


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