Roast pork, roast cauliflower and green beans

Roast pork, roast cauliflower and green beans

Following Tim’s Four Hour Body is having wonderful effects. I don’t miss carbs so much, because I can eat things on cheat day that I don’t eat on other days. I had pizza and a candy bar two days ago, but with enough exercise, and moderation at other meals to offset that cheating, I’m still losing. On 5/1 I weighed 200.4, a slight uptick from the previous week’s 198, because I wasn’t drinking enough water. And I think consuming too much fat overall, and not walking enough.
So I changed breakfast-16 oz ice water on waking, followed by 16 oz more water with two scoops Muscle Milk for 30 G protein.
On 5/6, after a fairly bad two-day cheat, I weighed 197. That includes burgers, fries and biscuits, my friends.

On 5/7, I celebrated with one-quarter of a 16″ hand-tossed deluxe meat pizza, and a Hershey bar, in addition to a non-cheat meal the same day. I also ate a cup of lima beans with the pizza, to feel more full. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer, at a fairly moderate pace, pausing when I need to catch my breath.

On 5/8, back on track with more ice water, muscle milk, and a reasonable breakfast of peas, green beans and bacon-yes I know that sounds weird but it was good. Ten I weighed at work….
194.26. I’ve lost 4″ off my waist, and I can see many places that are thinner.

It’s working, it’s fun and easy, and I’m so happy!!


Not quite what you could call running

Making a conscious effort to increase my activity level isn’t easy. At my size, it doesn’t feel good to move fast. Things are moving in uncomfortable ways- mainly the areas on me that need to be smaller. But I’m doing it. The dog isn’t much of a jogger- he’s not used to staying in motion that long, so we will learn together. I started with 20 minutes-plus today- I didn’t really keep track of the time. Went down the street and back, then down the other street to the football field and ran the bleachers about 10 times- which isn’t really a big deal, it’s a small school with small bleachers- then back down that street and up to the long end of my street and back. Stopped and caught my breath and drank water a few times, but I did it.

I’m nervous about running because in 2001, the surgeon that fixed my varicose veins told me not to. I’m thinking that before I do much more, I need to go get checked and actually get cleared to train for the Warrior Dash. I can do the elliptical all I need to, and walking the stairs doesn’t cause me any leg pain, but I need to be smart and safe about it. I’m working with a very low level of impact until then.

I was afraid my feet would hurt- when I tell you I was jogging, it was the slowest jog you can do above a fast walk. I’m wearing my new shoes that are INSANELY COMFORTABLE when just walking around, but they’re running shoes, and I needed to make that first effort. My feet don’t hurt at all, nor my legs. Onward and upward.

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila from