Chicken, broccoli, field peas

Chicken, broccoli, field peas

Monday night supper. Chicken from Kroger, pre-seasoned (Sazon seasoning, I think the package said) leg quarters, baked in the oven for an hour, with a side of steamed broccoli and field peas with snaps. Dark meat isn’t my favorite, and I ended up giving almost half to the ol’ man. If you haven’t tried Glory brand canned vegetables, you should. If they aren’t available in your area, I pity you.

No carbs, no dessert, and I didn’t care. Water to drink. Didn’t care. My appetite isn’t what it was, and I think it’s because of not eating carbs. I didn’t understand carb cravings, and didn’t know I had them until I stopped having them. I thought every meal had to have bread, noodles, rice, potatoes etc. We don’t have to eat that stuff. I was sure I’d be miserable if I didn’t eat that stuff, and I’m not. If I still feel like eating more, I go back for more vegs. I went back for more broccoli, and if I had eaten all the chicken, I probably wouldn’t have needed it. I don’t feel the need to eat constantly, and when I do think about it, I realize I’m not really hungry. That’s such a good feeling.

I love how I started eating before I thought of taking a picture of my food. I bet that will happen a lot. I didn’t get a picture of my lunch at all. Zucchini ribbon salad with mixed lettuce greens, a tomato, sunflower kernels, a bit of feta cheese and a scant two tablespoons lowfat three-cheese ranch dressing. It was delicious, even though I don’t have whole-wheat Ritz crackers with my salads anymore. Another thing I thought I couldn’t give up, like sugar. I’m checking labels and choosing based on sugar content when I can. I’m getting small amounts of sugar in things, 2-3 grams here and there, but I’m really not missing it. Not having headaches like I hear other people report, and I was worried about that. I’m entering menopause, so I don’t need any more trouble from my body.