Cheat day!

Saturday was cheat day, and I don’t think I did too much damage. I ate my four-hour body breakfast, breakfast meatza, and then for dinner had fried fish, fried chicken, a small order of french fries, coleslaw and a piece of really good homemade mandarin orange cake.

I felt like I shouldn’t work too hard at cheating, since the 4th day is kind of early in compliance to go really overboard. I do cheat a little every day too- I have Sweet’nLow in my coffee, and about a teaspoon of Salted Caramel Mocha creamer. I’m just not willing to give up that little bit of sweetener, and it’s not causing me to cheat. BUT if I find it’s holding me back, away it will go.

It turns out Sunday became a cheat day too- I went to visit College Girl for a sorority thing, and we had a luncheon with chicken and salad and loaded mashed potatoes and chocolate cake. I only had a tablespoon of the potatoes and a single bite of cake, so I definitely didn’t feel derailed.

On the way home (200 miles each way) I stopped for coffee twice, had about 3 oz fried shrimp and chocolate-caramel muscle milk bar. Later, because I was falling asleep, I stopped at Taco Bell and got a cruchwrap and Diet Mtn Dew. I considered getting a burger somewhere and not getting fries, and throwing the bun away, but I knew I wouldn’t do that. I’m powerless over french fries and I can’t put myself in that position yet.

No, the gas-station fried shrimp didn’t make me sick.